Siding, painting, power wash and Framing.

From replacing siding to painting, sheetrock or framing project

Power Washing, Deck Staining & Repair

Gutter Cleaning & Repair & Gutter Guards Installations

At Madera & Associates we take pride in our reasonable rates that begin at $75 for a one-story house/ranch style. Rates changes due to the height and size of larger and taller houses and in areas where two persons are required and situations where access to the gutters is difficult.


Most home with little or no trees surrounding the house require having gutters checked and cleaned at least twice a year. In the Fall after the leaves haven fallen and in the Spring, to remove any branches & twigs.

Fraiming & Dry Wall

Church & Property Maintenance Management

Interior & Exterior Painting

Garages Floor painting

Trees & branches Cut For Fire Logs & Bushes Cut and Trim

Bathroom tile installations